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Staying Alive is Productive During a Pandemic

Hey there! Long time, no post right? Like most people in the world, I’ve been trying to find my ground during this trying Covid-19 times. It hasn’t been easy but all I can do is stay home and do my part to flatten the curve. I hope you have been staying safe indoors as much as possible?

During times like this, it’s normal for you to feel insecure and uncertain about life in general: what to eat, how to protect yourself, how long the lock-down will last, or whether or not you still have a job. While it is important to acknowledge the fact that your feelings are valid, it is also important to not dwell on them. Look on the bright side even though the brightness may not be very apparent. You now have time to do those things you’ve always wished you had more time for: spending quality time with your family, reading those books you’ve had on your shelf for a while, working out, self care, taking online courses, or not having to wake up at 4 a.m in order to catch the bus.

I think some of the tips below could help you get through these strange times one day at a time.

It’s okay to not have it all figured out: You don’t have to beat yourself up if you feel a bit clueless about the best way to use your free time. This pandemic caught the whole world by surprise and you’re not an exception. Just do the best you can even if it’s just staying home, washing your hands regularly, and avoiding touching your face.

Don’t compare yourself with others: So, you login your Instagram account and you see posts from people you feel are handling the Covid-19 lock-down a lot better than you and you start beating yourself up. That’s not the way to go. Understand that people handle situations differently and that’s just how life is. Take tips and ideas from those posts and you just might discover one or two wholesome activities you could engage in.

Focus on the bright side: The bright side might not be so apparent if you’re focused on the gloomy side but it’s there. Remember those things you’ve always wished you had more time for? Now you have time to focus on them! You now have time to try out that recipe, sleep more, workout more, take care of your skin more, start that podcast, or write that blog post(like I’m doing right now). Whatever it is for you, just do it!

Tell me how you’re handling the lock-down in the “comments” section.

Special thanks to essential workers who have to stay out in order to save lives.

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Basic Natural Hair Essentials : Beginner Friendly Guide

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Have you recently gone natural? Are you transitioning? Have you been natural for a while and you just made the decision to take better care of your hair? If you belong to any of these categories, I congratulate you on your new self care decision. This post highlights basic natural hair products and tools to make your natural hair journey seamless and enjoyable.

1. Deep Conditioner

A good deep conditioner is one of the most essential products for a healthy hair. It helps to keep the hair moisturized while providing the essential nutrients your hair needs to flourish. It also strengthens hair, promotes elasticity, prevents hair damage, and restores hair’s pH balance. You should deep condition your hair at least once a month. For the best results, use a hooded dryer or steam cap.

2. Natural Oils

Natural oils are an essential part of a healthy hair regimen. They provide the hair with the essential nutrients it needs to grow healthy and shiny. Some natural oils you can incorporate into your hair regimen include; olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, amla oil, avocado oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and castor oil.

3. Leave-in Conditioner

A leave in conditioner is another essential part of a healthy hair routine. It is different from regular conditioners as it is not to be rinsed out after application. It moisturizes dry hair, helps to make hair more responsive to styling, helps detangle knotted hair, combats frizz, strengthens hair, refreshes hair, and boosts hair growth.

4. Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is an important tool for your natural hair journey. It is used to rehydrate your hair without having to soak your entire head with water. It is perfect for providing the essential moisture needed for restyling your hair at night or in the morning. It’s really one of those tools that make your life easier! There are different types of spray bottles. Some spray liquid in spritz while others spray in mists.

5. Detangling Tools

Detangling is one task you must acquaint yourself with if you must keep as much hair as possible on your head and out of your combs and brushes. Detangling tools are worth investing in in order to have a productive washday. They include: wide tooth comb, denman brush, tangle teezer, and seamless comb.



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It’s been quite a while since I last published a written piece and I must say I’ve gone quite a bit rusty. Anyway, I’m really glad to be back to my blogging days. In my other blogs, I used to post really organized and well thought out pieces like poems, stories, and articles (brilliant times, I must say 😀) but life happened and it became difficult to switch things up to my current thought process (if you know what I mean). Anyway, here’s me giving blogging another shot and hoping earnestly that it goes well this time around.

Just so you know, I really don’t intend for this to be one of those organized blogs. I’m just going to be writing about things that I feel are worth discussing but you’ll probably see more posts on natural hair, fashion, career, feminism, and my life in bits and pieces because those are things I’m really involved in right now. I’m also going to be taking topic suggestions from my audience through the comment section as time goes by. If you read this to this point, thank you!! You’re one of the reasons I’m crazy enough to believe I can get my groove back.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton